Straight Up!

Finding Courage to be a Man


Life isn’t easy, especially for young men growing up without a role model that offers encouragement and direction. Most of these young men never find a safe place to go for straight answers that will help them find the direction and courage to be the man they want to become.  

Straight Up! is filled with sound fatherly advice for a fatherless generation.  It’s the kind of candid, sometimes in-your-face, straight talk that will help readers not just to get by in life but get ahead!

This book contains short, simple truths that if embraced and applied can change lives! Written by a man who understands the pressures young men face today, Michael Davis challenges young men everywhere to step up and live a life that matters and make a difference in the world. 


Michael Davis of Warren, MI

Michael Davis is a youth leader with his church and Assistant Coach at St. Clair Community College. He has a heart for the youth in his area and has seen firsthand what can happen in a child's life when they don't get the guidance they need and long for. Michael was raised by a single mother and knows what it is like to have an absent father. Michael Davis and his wife, Fredricka Davis, have been married for 11 years and have two sons.

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