The Disruptors 2

How Social Entrepreneurs Lead and Manage Disruption
Following the success of 2016’s The Disruptors comes the next book on social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. Interest in the social enterprise movement by the formal business sector is growing, as social entrepreneurs often operate in highly complex and constrained environments and offer corporates and other businesses the opportunity to learn new ways of managing and leading. Meet the next crop of Disruptors: social entrepreneurs navigating the tensions between value and legality, profit and purpose, marketing and delivery, stakeholders and funders – constantly reinventing themselves and their organisations in the face of ever-shifting socio-economic contexts. Ten case studies focus on the people and organisations leading change in South Africa – these are their stories.

Kerrin Myres of Johannesburg, South Africa

Dr Kerrin Myres is a Research Associate and Professional Associate at the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has lead the GIBS Entrepreneur Development Academy’s social entrepreneurship research programme, lectures part-time and supervises research at MBA and PhD level.

Gus Silber Gus Silber is an award-winning journalist, editor, speechwriter and author, with a special interest in social entrepreneurship. He has penned several books, covering South African sociopolitical satire, innovation in business, entrepreneurship and mobile technology.

Marketing & Publicity
  • With a foreword by Professor Nicola Kleyn.
  • Published in association with GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science) and the government of Flanders.
  • Written in a compelling style that defies the boundaries of traditional business books.
  • The second book in the best-selling Disruptors series, with a focus on lessons from social enterprises.