Guardians of Freelandia

Can a starving orphan (with an extraordinary musical ability) save an entire nation from imminent destruction?

Freelandia is a tiny country still largely ruled by a widespread acceptance of the reality of God’s existence. Yet it is this very devotion to good which draws monumental forces of evil down upon the minuscule nation – bent upon its total annihilation. This first book of an epic trilogy follows the spellbinding adventures of three unlikely characters fated to play a pivotal role in the destiny of the entire world  – Maria (a young orphan with the ability to sing with unearthly, soul-reaching harmony), Gaeten (the mysterious leader of the country’s elite protective force), and Ethan (a young man gifted with the ability to see/select multiple future courses of action).

Filled with spiritual truths and reminiscent of the miraculous conditions and faith apparent during the foundation of America, this is an adventure which can be enjoyed by all ages.

Kent Larson
Kent  Larson is a talented storyteller who enjoys spinning compelling yarns for his five home-schooled children.  Each evening was eagerly awaited as the next installment of his creative adventures would unfold.  Watchers is one of his children’s favorite (and most requested) adventures.

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