The Risk of Being Ridiculous

It's Boston 1969 and nineteen-year-old Ben Tucker lives in a funky apartment on Mountfort Street with his tribe of fellow long-haired freaks. Together they mix radical street politics, a love of rock of roll, and celebratory drug use in their desperate search for lives that make sense in a world distorted by war, racism, and bankrupt values.

Ridiculous takes you on a passionate, lyrical six-week ride through confrontation and confusion, courts and cops, parties and politics, school and the streets, Weathermen and women's liberation, acid and activism, revolution and reaction. And, of course, Love-as through it all, Ben feverishly pursues the long-shot desire of his life: Sarah Stein.

Guy Maynard Guy Maynard grew up in New Bedford, Massachusetts and spent his high school years in Urbana, Illinois. He received his degree in journalism from the University of Oregon in 1984 and has been editor of Oregon Quarterly, the University of Oregon magazine, since 1995. Guy and his wife Shelley live in Eugene, Oregon. This is his first novel.

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