The Secrets of Icarian Cuisine for Longevity

People of Ikaria, as they live isolated without being able to use transportation facilities. They had to tame the earth and the surrounding sea in order to survive. Mountainous Ikaria with the almost nonexistent plains and the steep slopes had to feed her children. Thus the slopes became small terraces supported by dry walls, filled with fresh gtround earth and dung, planted with trees that bear fruit as well as with fresh vegetables and herbs. The inhabitants of the Island of Ikaria serve as a convincing example of the aforesaid notion since despite the fact that they do not possess any specialized knowledge nor do they place excessive effort. They live many more years (100) while mimimizing the possibility to suffer from cancer or any cardiovascular diseases.

Chr. Boura-Stefanadi

Chr. Boura-Stefanadi was born in Athens-Greece. She studied fashion design and marketing. She won the 1st award in 1980 and the 3rd in 1981 for her designs.  After her marriage with the world known cardiologist C.  Stefanadis she worked in the health industry near her husband.  During that period she came in contact with a lot of patients  with serious health problems related also to bad diet habits. There after she dedicated herself to the study of health diet habits. She also has as a motivation the saying of the father of medicine Hippocrates "I am what I eat" and "My medicine is my diet".

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