Haunted Michigan

Recent Encounters with Active Spirits

Buy a theater ticket, treat yourself to dinner at a nice restaurant, stop in for drinks at the neighborhood tavern, or visit a historical setting. These places and more are yours to visit all across Michigan. Just keep your eyes open and your ears tuned in at all times because the strangers you see and the voices you hear may prove that ghosts are found in places both ordinary and extraordinary. The Haunting Continues! Includes a glossary of paranormal terms, a full description of each haunted location, dates of investigations, and haunt meters to rate the pervasiveness of paranormal activity. Experience the ghostly regions of Michigan through these pages and, if you have the courage, explore a haunting on your own!

Gerald S. Hunter

Gerald S. Hunter has always possessed an affinity for storytelling and his work has appeared in the Detroit Free Press, the Akron-Beacon Journal, and the Michigan Christian Advocate. He became interested in the paranormal at a young age when his family moved into an old farmhouse in the Village of Brooklyn, just south of Jackson, Michigan. It was the intense ghostly occurrences there which whetted his appetite to investigate the nature of hauntings. Gerald is an ordained United Methodist minister. He currently resides in Hillsdale County with his wife and cats. This is his third book about haunted places in Michigan

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