Oblivion's Altar

Kah-nung-da-tla-geh-the great Cherokee chieftain known as the Ridge-was born with one foot in each of the two worlds. The first was that of his ancestors, the great Cherokee Nation, who once settled across the lower plains, their culture flourishing, their position secure. But the arrival of the white man changed life as the Ridge knew it forever, ushering in a new world of forced change, war, death, and misery.It was the Ridge's visionary leadership that led the Cherokee into the future as one nation-with a culture at once unique and adaptable to the white man's. But as the white tide continued to flood the plains, the Ridge's judgment would be questioned, tested, and ultimately flung aside in favor of war-and his contribution to the survival of the Cherokee Nation forgotten on the infamous Trail of Tears.

David Marion Wilkinson At age twenty-five, Wilkinson began writing fiction, later publishing four books. Wilkinson’s books have been published by Penguin USA and the University of Texas Press. His works have met with commercial and critical distinction. Three out of his four published titles are or have been in development with major film concerns. His novel, Not Between Brothers, was optioned to NBC/Kevin Costner’s Tig Productions for a television mini-series. The novel won the Violet Crown Award (Barnes & Noble/Writers League of Texas), was a “Best Novel of the West” Spur Award finalist, and selected “Editor’s Choice” by the prestigious Review of Texas Books. A veteran speaker and personality, Wilkinson has either appeared or had his work featured on numerous national and regional television programs, talk shows, news casts, and radio programs, including National Public Radio (Nashville, Austin, and Tulsa) and Don Imus. His works have been reviewed or mentioned in every major Texas newspaper, plus the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Memphis Commercial Appeal, Arkansas Gazette, and Tulsa World, among others. He has been featured in several national and regional magazines including Texas Monthly, Southern Living and True West.

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