Mystery, Ink.: A Killing Strikes Home

The List
Twenty-five-year-old fraternal twins, Naomi and Penelope Dotson, discover the dead bodies of their parents in the lake house on the edge of Centerville. While still in shock, the twins strive to discover the murderer and are drawn into two other related investigations-the kidnapping of nine-year-old Jamie Reed and the disappearance of Keith Evans, a deadbeat dad. When a car tries to run the twins down, they know they are getting close to the truth. In the process of chasing these criminals, they learn it's hard to run in high heel shoes.

Paffi Flood Ever since she worked on the school newspaper in the seventh grade, Paffi S. Flood had a passion for writing. Although she pursued software engineering as a career, being a writer was always in the back of her mind. A decade ago, she attended classes and workshops and was encouraged to chase her dream. A Killing Strikes Home is her debut novel and she’s currently working on her next project. You can find her at and on facebook, goodreads, and twitter.

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