Shipwrecks of the Lakes

Tales of shipwrecks have a definite fascination and a universal appeal. They are not only exciting and thrilling but usually contain some element of mystery. They recount the struggle of man to survive, pitting himself, or in several instances-herself, and the ship against the elements of destruction, calling forth his utmost skill, his strength, and his ingenuity, often with his very life as the high stake. Some emerge heroes; others are never heard from again.In this book are told only a selected number of the outstanding number of the shipwrecks of the Great Lakes. To attempt to put into a single book all the shipwrecks occurring on the Great Lakes would be sheer folly. Here are true tales of dozens of thrilling shipwrecks told in an interesting manner - complete with dozens of photographs. Heroic rescues from Duluth to the St. Lawrence make fascinating reading. Shipwrecks are recounted, covering a period of over one hundred years, from the old wooden immigrant steamers and the lofty-masted sailing vessels, up to the present ships of today.Much lake lore is woven into the tales of the wrecks, but nothing has been retold from Mr. Bowen's other books, Lore of the Lakes and Memories of the Lakes.

Dana Thomas Bowen

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dana Thomas Bowen (1895-1980) has always been fascinated by the Great Lakes.  His books have remained in print for over 60 years, offering a lively history of these inland seas he loved so much.  

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