Homemade Granola

Delicious Recipes Using Oats and Muesli

Granola has grown from the popular breakfast-only food into a staple, eaten any time of the day. Not only does granola taste great, it offers up a number of health benefits, for example, the use of oats in Granola are low-calorie and packed with protein, soluble fibre and important vitamins such as B1 and magnesium. The ingredients which make up granola include the source of vitamins from the many various fresh fruits and vegetable recipes, as well as the healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids, and proteins derived from the nuts and seeds.

With over 50 unique, delicious and easy to make recipes, Granola will show you how to create your own cereal, muesli and desserts along with showing you many other exciting uses for granola such as crumbles, bread, muffins and cakes, including exciting, sweet treats recipes such as Cookies and Cream Granola, Cherry Cheesecake or Black Forest Granola.

Elise Barber

Elise Barber is a passionate baker and granola enthusiast. Her love for granola grew out of a desire to eat healthy, delicious food that would fuel her work as an elementary school music teacher and an amateur tri-athlete. With the huge variety of taste preferences among friends and family, Elise is constantly creating new flavors to keep up with demand! Elise spends her summer holidays running a micro-bakery out of her home kitchen, where she bakes granola, cupcakes, scones, and other tasty snacks. Elise lives with her husband Quinn in the wintery city of Edmonton, Canada, although she considers the German Black Forest her second home. She takes inspiration from many sources, such as the hearty winter fare of her Canadian hometown and the fresh fruit harvests of the German summers.

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