The Power of Flour

The deliciously versatile world of flour in baking and cooking GLUTEN-FREE

For many, living gluten-free has long meant missing out on classic dishes, traditionally cooked with wheat-based flours—until now.

Author, baker and entrepreneur, Rowie Dillon first started exploring the versatile world of gluten-free flours when she was faced with her own food intolerances. As a result, she developed a mouth-watering collection of recipes, both savory and sweet, perfect for every occasion.

From coconut flour to buckwheat, teff to tapioca, The Power of Flour is full of delicious, easy-to-follow, recipes using a range of gluten-free flour, seeds and grains. 

Rowie Dillon

Rowie Dillon has a passion for great food, culinary design and who is protective about her diet. As an experimental cook Rowie investigated ways of dealing with her body’s digestive intolerances. “I had never been an avid dessert fan – but I was given the task of Christmas dessert. I opted to pass the pud and in doing so created Rowie’s Orange and Almond Cake. An instant hit and not just for the non-yeastie, wheaties either”.

So in 2001 she created Rowie’s Cakes – a kitchen where every wickedly delicious morsel that leaves our kitchen is 100 per cent gluten, yeast and wheat free. Our range of products is testament to the fact that we believe that it is possible for naughty tasting food to be good for you.

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