Decide to Profit

9 Steps to a Better Bottom Line
Dr. Dorriah Rogers, CEO of Paradyne Consulting Works, shares her last twelve years of consulting and research for numerous Fortune 100 and 500 companies, large government entities and the U.S. military in her book Decide to Profit: 9 Steps to a Better Bottom Line. The book is the result of discussions and intensive problem-solving with thousands of employees, managers and executives experiencing an inability to tie innovation and growth to bottom-line profit; where due to market pressure for growth, managers found themselves pushing decision-making to the lowest levels of the organization, and companies were finding themselves in need of a tool to ensure that these decisions were executed in a safe and profitable way. In other words, as their organizations grew, net margin and productivity began to erode, and a solution was required. 

Decide to Profit provides a step-by-step guide for organizations to connect all ideas and decisions that affect change to the financial goals of the company. Employees will have a clear systematic process that links decisions to the financial performance of their organization. Managers will have a ready tool to shape their organizational culture and business outcomes. With this process, both leaders and employees can adapt to increasingly tough competition and excel within their ever-changing markets, while ultimately maintaining or growing net profit. The 9 Step process has been vetted and implemented within some of the largest and most complex projects and organizations across North America, and it works.

Each of the 9 Steps shows you how to avoid common decision-making mistakes, provides checklists and tools to foster a creative and idea-driven culture within organizations, and includes easy-to-understand and implement guidelines to ensure a financially sound future. The nine chapters chronologically and systematically outline each of the steps and its application, and include checklists, critical questions, and easy-to-use forms for managers and employees. Imbedded within each step are checks and balances and a process for accountability, so managers and employees can remain in sync in both their thinking and actions. A user code will be provided to book purchasers allowing them to access tips for easy-to-download forms on the Decide to Profit website. The website will also include a user forum, a best practices blog and tips from the author.

Dorriah Rogers

Dorriah Rogers began her career in the engineering and advanced technology industry in the late 1990s. She founded her consulting firm in 2003, and brings almost 20 years of unique experience providing guidance to numerous Fortune 100 and 500 organizations throughout North America. She specializes in identifying and solving issues affecting efficiency, productivity and profitability. Dr. Rogers approaches her clients strategically, with an eye toward management and project team efficacy, productivity and efficiency of operations, and financial streamlining. Her client base includes a who’s who of Fortune 100 organizations, as well as the Department of Defense, U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other large government entities. As CEO of Paradyne Consulting Works, LLC, she has led her team in the areas of productivity and process improvement, strategic business planning, operational streamlining, profitability, and organizational change management. Executives find her insightful, candid, operationally savvy and a highly effective leader. She has earned the nickname “The Fixer” and has worked with many of her clients for more than a decade. Prior to founding Paradyne Consulting Works, Dr. Rogers served as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Operating Officer for both private and publicly traded companies in the engineering, advanced technology and consulting fields. Her experience as an entrepreneur, technologist and executive has given her a unique and broad perspective from the ground up. Dr. Rogers holds a Ph.D. from the Graduate Group in Ecology, Institute of Transportation Studies from the University of California, Davis. She was appointed to the Ambassador’s Club for the Society of Automotive Engineers, holds a patent for an emissions reduction technology, and also served on the National Academy of Science Transportation Research Board. She served as part-time faculty at California State University Channel Islands, where she taught Business Operations. Dr. Rogers has been named Entrepreneur of the Year and was nominated for Women Making a Difference, an award issued by the Los Angeles Business Journal in honor of women of outstanding achievement in the business community.

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