The Paul Of Surprises

His Vision of the Christian Life
Paul is the most important figure in the history of Christianity. His understanding of the teachings of Jesus is more studied and analysed – and argued over - than that of any other theologian. Yet surprisingly little attention has been paid to Paul's vision of how we should live the Christian life.

For Paul, the Christian life is not about slavishly following rules or laws. It is about the kind of person you are striving to become. It is about growing in mindfulness and commitment, and in helping and supporting one another in faithfulness in families, at work and at school.

Grounded in a lifetime of study and reflection, brilliantly dismantling common myths and misconceptions and deftly steering between ancient controversies, Paul of Surprises brings Paul’s message to life for Christians of every tradition.

Geoffrey Turner Geoffrey Turner was the Head of Theology for over twenty years at Trinity and All Saints College, University of Leeds (now Leeds Trinity University College) and is a former President of the Catholic Theological Association of Great Britain.

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