Passion For Fashion

Walking the runway of God’s design

What keeps you Guilt? Shame? Self-doubt? Fear? Don’t let any of those stand in the way of God’s grand plan for you.

Passion for Fashion will reveal that we are more than the clothes we wear or the accessories we add to an out?t—all for the sake of looking good on the outside. We are more than good looks and fancy clothes. Learn how our outside shines based on what we have on the inside.

God created you to live with signi?cance, purpose and joy, and be an astounding person. You can be that person. Con?dentially walk the runway of life. And you can start today!

Jean Metcalf

Jean Metcalf is Founder and President of Jean Metcalf Ministries. She travels the world with ministries to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to show His love and healing to the multitudes. She is also a Christian businesswoman and co-owner of a successful Real Estate investment company.

In addition to being a devoted wife and mother, Jean is a speaker, teacher and author. She has a heart to teach and encourage men and women to ful?ll their potential of God’s calling on their lives.

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