Seeds Under the Tongue

In this second collection, McLaughlin wields a boldly ecstatic voice to explore a confluence of themes: wanderings on the wild earth, relations with more-than-human presences, engagement with indigenous ceremony, reckoning with catholicism, the swirl of young family life. These heart scores are delivered in a euphonic, incantatory brand of storytelling that delights and provokes at the depths.   

Timothy P. McLaughlin of Santa Fe, NM

Timothy P. McLaughlin is the editor of the anthology Walking on Earth & Touching the Sky, the producer of the album Moccasins & Microphones, and the author of the poetry collection Rooted & Risen. He is perhaps best known for his powerful style of embodied recitation and storytelling. Raised with Catholicism, he has followed a traditional Lakota spiritual path since early manhood. McLaughlin lives with his wife Madi and their three children in the northern Rio Grande valley beside the Santa Fe mountains where he loves to wander and listen for wild earth poetry.

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