The Sustainability Generation

The Politics of Change and Why Personal Accountability is Essential NOW!


Life on Earth is increasingly at risk. What to do about rescuing our planet, and ourselves, is a growing concern for people of all ages. Mark C. Coleman’s new book, The Sustainability Generation: The Politics of Change & Why Personal Accountability is Essential NOW! takes a hard look at the facts about where we stand and how to move forward. The Sustainability Generation is beyond simply another “green” book in that it focuses on the poisonous influence of our acquisitive culture and its root cause—entitlement.


The “Baby Boomers” are retiring and the so-called “Generation Y” will soon receive the largest transfer of wealth in history.  It is vital to emphasize the need for replacing our entitlement culture with sustainable growth by redefining our core values. This book provides a clear roadmap of how we can empower and enlighten ourselves. 

A new “Sustainability Generation” committed to environmental and social change promises us the greatest legacy possible—a future!




Mark Coleman of Rochester, NY For more than a decade, Mark Coleman has served in a senior research capacity for the AHC Group. During that time, he has contributed to research, publications, and development of leadership workshops. Mr. Coleman has a unique background having worked in industry, government, management consulting, applied research, and academic organizations. Throughout his tenure, Mark has developed a strong capability in business and organizational strategy related to energy, environment, and sustainability.

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