At Gloaming

“With his inimitable sense of humor and timing, astute awareness of irony, perfect understanding of permissible sentiment, and sheer joy taken in the well-captured image and pleasingly turned phrase, Larry Schug has given us a book of poems not just to enjoy but to remember for years to come.” —Scott Owens, author of Eye of the Beholder “Through his poems Larry Schug opens his world to the reader’s eyes and in his often terse, sharply honed language, he makes this distinctive place on the margins of a Minnesotan bog and tamarack forest a colorful, quite memorable one. Schug’s poems casually invite the reader to stop in for a visit, to linger awhile. With each individual visit, the reader wants to return, again and again. “Mending Mittens” is just one poetic gem of this fine collection, the kind of poem that makes any other poet jealous.” —Glen Sorestad, first Poet Laureate of Saskatchewan

Larry Schug of Avon, MN

Larry Schug is retired from a life of various kinds of physical labor. He is currently a volunteer writing tutor at the College of St. Benedict and a volunteer naturalist at St. John’s University OutdoorU. He lives with his wife, a dog, and two cats near a large tamarack bog in St. Wendel Township, Minnesota. Larry is the author of seven books of poems–Scales Out of Balance (1990), Caution: Thin Ice (1993), The Turning of Wheels (2001), Arrogant Bones (2008), Nails (2011), and At Gloaming (2014) all published by North Star Press of St. Cloud, Minnesota, and a chapbook, Obsessed with Mud, published by Poetry Harbor, Duluth, Minnesota. Caution: Thin Ice was a 1993 Minnesota Book Award finalist and Arrogant Bones was a 2008 Midwest Book Award finalist. Larry has won three Central Minnesota Arts Board grants and was awarded a 2008 McKnight Fellowship for Writers.

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