SOS: Sick of Sex

The book for every married woman that wants the abundant sex life with her husband that God desires for her. SOS is a book that exposes lies about our sexual intimacy. It helps the reader address their unique issues with intimacy because it allows them to address their personal story from their introduction to sex. We have all forged an opinion about sexual intimacy based on our private experience. Our sexual journey is just as unique as each woman. No two women will ever have the same life experience so this book offers each reader clarity of their unique path through their own “jourvotional ”. This is a journal and devotional at the end of every chapter with questions to draw out the reader as she writes down her own path of how her views on intimacy have formed. Filled with humor and reality, SOS gives the reader the opportunity to laugh, cry, pray and declare with dogged determination not to settle for mediocrity in her intimacy. Filled with a fresh perspective with other women’s stories, how we view our bodies and all the things that attack our intimacy, SOS will keep the reader intrigued. This book will be used for personal encouragement in the area of sexual intimacy but it will also soon become a sought after Bible study for women in small groups. SOS will get women in the Christian community talking about sex with such expectation and hope that God’s design of intimacy will become the new hot topic.

Robyn Mckelvy Robyn is a woman, mother, sister and friend. She is married to Ray McKelvy and they have served together in ministry the past 23 years. The McKelvy’s travel internationally and nationally speaking on marriage and family.

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