Two Italian Stories

Two women, each intelligent, talented, wealthy, beautiful. What could drive them to kill?

These stories take us to Rome and Palermo.

Two Boyfriends Too Many is the story of Samantha, who seems interested in nothing beyond her all-consuming career as a writer. Twice she ends up with men she loves, and each one is killed in mysterious circumstances. Following the trails of these murders, a police detective encounters every kind of revelation.

The Price of Revenge introduces Flora, gifted with an artist's sensibility and a keen awareness of her surroundings. Here is a painter able to draw the profile of the two thugs who killed her boyfriend during a robbery. But both are unknown to the police, and to track them down Flora enters a world that will change her life forever.

Daniela Di Benedetto of Palermo, Italy

Bologna native Daniela Di Benedetto has spent most of her life in Palermo, where she studied music and earned a degree in humanities. This is her second novel to be translated into English.

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