The Death of Western Christianity

Drinking from the Poisoned Wells of the Cultural Revolution

The Church in the West, from which a vast missionary movement once went out across the world, is now in a state of decline which could be terminal, unless God intervenes. Pockets of living, thriving Christian faith may give a sense of confidence to some, but overall the fire of Western faith is growing dim.

The Death of Western Christianity surveys the current state of Christianity in the West, looking in particular at how Western culture has influenced and weakened the Church. It looks also at how Christianity is increasingly under attack in Western societ, and becoming despised and marginalized. It points out how faithful Christians are being targeted by legal and other means and advises how they should prepare themselves for greater persecution to come. 

This book is not only for Christians in the West. It is also for Christians in the non-Western world. Globalization means that the tragic and alarming decline of Western Christianity could come to them as well before long. But if they take note of the way in which this disaster has crept up on the Western Church, catching Western Christians unawares, they may be able to avoid the same chain of events affliciting their Church too.

Patrick Sookhdeo Patrick Sookhdeo studied at London Bible College, later obtaining a Ph.D. at London University. For 23 years he was involved in pastoral, church planting and training ministry in the East End of London. He is the Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, Dean Theologian of the Diocese of Abuja in Nigeria and non-residentiary Canon of Peshawar Diocese, Pakistan. He is also a senior adviser and consultant on security and military issues. Lecturer and author of 30 books.

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