Second Chances

Stories of Hope, Redemption, and Forgiveness
Celebrate the resilience of the human spirit through the stories of everydayspeople whose ordeals allowed them to experience first-hand the healing powersof second chances.sMeet Vanessa-a teenage runaway who turns to a life of prostitution but finds herway back home. Discover mothers reunited with daughters, daughters reunitedswith fathers, and a drug dealer who befriends a priest and finds the couragesto start his life over again. Learn that forgiveness-even between a mother and the man who killed her son-is truly possible. See how one person's life can positively impact and change the pathway for another. In this powerful collection of stories, you will find hope, peace of mind, and proof that whatever the circumstances may be in your life, it is never too late for a fresh start at life.

William Umansky William D. Umansky, also known as The Lawman, is a criminal defense and personal injury lawyer who has made it his life's mission to help others have a second chance at life. As the Managing Partner of the Umansky Law Firm in Orlando, FL., William uses his experience to show people who have gone through life-altering ordeals that in the midst of difficulty, there is a way out. He is the founder of the Second Chance Foundation of Florida, an organization that provides tuition and book scholarships to college-ready children who need a second chance. He and his wife Zahra, also a trail lawyer, and their great boys, Zak and Jake, currently reside in the Central Florida area.

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