Small Fishy Bites

Small Fishy Bites celebrates the diversity and versatility of seafood. These recipes recognize the popularity of serving small helpings with easy, casual and varied dishes.

Easily managed, bite-sized pieces are highlighted here in recipes that reflect the widening repertoire of cuisines we are exposed to, especially the Asian and Mediterranean flavors.

Small plates are an easy and pleasant way to sample a range of flavors without the commitment to one entrée or the different courses. And what a pleasant way to socialize!

Marisa Raniolo Wilkins Marisa Raniolo Wilkins is well known for her blog on Sicilian food, All Things Sicilian and More (http://allthingssicilianandmore). Her interest in food is driven by her desire to explore her cultural origins. In Marisa's family, quality produce and good cooking have always been highly valued. They put a premium on seasonal ingredients sourced locally. Marisa carries on that tradition and takes enormous pleasure in experiencing good food and sharing it with others.

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