Buying America Back

A Real Deal Blueprint for Restoring American Prosperity

The trade gap between the United States and China is a perennial news staple. Our commonplace goods are manufactured in such far-flung places as Honduras, Mexico, and Korea. Why has the distinction "Made in America" become such a rarity? The cynics always talk about the "hard economic realities" of our times. They suggest that American manufacturing has reached the end of its road; this is the price we pay for "globalization". Alan Uke sees it differently. Buying America Back outlines his plan to turn back the tide with a grass-roots movement to promote American industry by helping American consumers have a better understanding of where their goods (and services) come from. Buying America Back emphasizes the importance of grooming a culture of self-informed consumers in the U.S.A., while reinforcing this with initiatives from the federal government. Surprising and enlightening, Buying America Back encourages us to take action to serve our part as res

Alan Uke of San Diego, CA Alan Uke is a San Diego businessman, entrepreneur and community leader. His vision and business skills have provided hundreds of jobs and revenues for the San Diego area for over 40 years.

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