...But I'm Not Racist!

Tools For Well Meaning Whites

Deepen your Resolve to Live as a Change Agent for Racial Justice
Who would you be if you were no longer afraid someone would call you racist? What impact could you have if you had proven tools and techniques to create greater racial justice in your organization? For the past two decades as a speaker and an executive coach, Dr. Kathy Obear has helped thousands of whites find the courage to challenge and change the dynamics of racism in their organizations.

~ Do you stay silent and hold back for fear of making a mistake? Or making things worse?
~ Are there times you want to speak up, but don’t know how to interrupt racist dynamics or organizational practices?
~ Do you sometimes feel alone, like you are the only one raising issues about racial justice in your organization?

Through engaging stories and concrete examples and tools, Kathy shares her own personal struggles and the common challenges many whites face as they work to create more equitable, inclusive organizations.

Find practical skills and strategies to move through your fear of being called racist and learn to:

~ Speak up with greater confidence and clarity
~ Engage racist comments to deepen learning and facilitate change
~ Stop feeling so alone and isolated
~ Respond effectively when colleagues call you racist or criticize your efforts
~ Develop powerful partnerships to create meaningful change in your organization

Read this book and find the inspiration and tools to deepen your resolve to live your values every day as a change agent for racial justice.

Kathy Obear

Kathy Obear has over 30 years of experience as an organizational development consultant and trainer specializing in creating inclusion, team and organizational effectiveness, conflict resolution, and change management.  She has given speeches, facilitated training sessions, and consulted to top leaders at hundreds of universities, human service and K-12 organizations, and corporations across the United States and internationally – designed to increase the passion, competence, and commitment to create inclusive, socially just environments for all members of the organization. She facilitated “training of trainers” programs for student affairs professionals, faculty, and student leaders at numerous colleges and universities, and am a Co-Founder of the Social Justice Training Institute. She taught graduate level courses on Effective Facilitation at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and am regarded as an expert at training leaders and facilitators to navigate difficult dialogues and triggering events.

She is grateful to be a certified Martha Beck Life Coach having had the amazing, transformative opportunity to complete her Life Coach development program. I offer Life Coaching and Executive Coaching in both an individual and small group format.

"It is imperative that leaders and staff demonstrate the capacity and competence to create inclusive environments that support the success of the full breadth of members in their organizations and effectively meet the needs of the increasingly diverse populations they serve." — Kathy

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