A Justin McGee Mystery

Inspired by the author’s own experiences and observations as a child and throughout adulthood, Crosshairs tells the story of the the implosion of the traditional Boston underworld that created a vacuum for the players left at the table.

Matt Fitzpatrick of Chatham, Massachusetts

MATT FITZPATRICK grew up in a very politically active and connected Irish-Catholic family. He is a US Coast Guard licensed sea captain on top of having a very successful 25-year career in the investment management industry. He describes his first novel as “Boston Grit.”  Matt lives on Cape Cod.

Marketing & Publicity
  • Book signing/promo event at Yellow Umbrella Bookstore, Chatham MA for launch
  • Reception Signing at Danversport Yacht Club once novel hard copy is available for purchase by the public and will coincide with release date — bookstore offsite
  • Boston College Alumni Magazine one month previous to release date