Sacred Power of the Universal Laws Revealed

"(This book) provides a fresh approach to understanding and interpreting the twelve Universal Laws that are the foundation for every major religion and spiritual teaching. "Glet writes, 'In any creation, all the Universal Laws function simultaneously with or without our awareness. In order to understand Creation with awareness, the creative process was divided into these twelve different functions of the twelve Universal Laws. The thirteenth Law consists of the use of the twelve Universal Laws working simultaneously.'"Ms. Glet, a professional artist and spiritual teacher with twenty-five years of research, discovery, and application of these Universal Laws, clearly and succinctly demonstrates how we can further empower ourselves by applying these Laws to every aspect of our life-whether mapping out our life purpose, launching a successful career, creating works of art, or merely dealing with everyday challenges."This book should be a basic textbook for all formal programs of metaphysic

Sharka Glet D.D. M.A. Sharka Glet was born in the Czech Republic where she received her M.A. degree. While growing up she had many supernatural experiences that motivated her to find the source of those powers. She studied many Holy Scriptures and participated in several spiritual schools including the School of Metaphysics where she taught for eighteen years and received her D.D. Degree.

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