A People Betrayed

The impact of Islamization on the Christian community in Pakistan
Pakistan’s original intention of protecting religious minorities from persecution has been eroded by Islamization to the point where its Christian community is now under great pressure. This book reveals the gradual shift in its policy, and offers a warning of what can happen when conservative Islamic voices become politically dominant.

Patrick Sookhdeo Patrick Sookhdeo studied at London Bible College, later obtaining a Ph.D. at London University. For 23 years he was involved in pastoral, church planting and training ministry in the East End of London. He is the Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, Dean Theologian of the Diocese of Abuja in Nigeria and non-residentiary Canon of Peshawar Diocese, Pakistan. He is also a senior adviser and consultant on security and military issues. Lecturer and author of 30 books.

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