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"Like Faulkner and O'Connor, Anderson commits his imagination to his own stamp of the universe—the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Once again, in this collection, he delivers well-wrought stories of gravity and levity, of things fleeting, of a love of one's region." – Kevin Cole, University of Sioux Falls

Lauri Anderson Lauri Anderson is chair of Language and Literature at Finlandia University. His books have been positively reviewed nationally and have been studied and taught at a number of universities. They have been topics at conferences and of dissertations by doctoral candidates here and in Europe. His work has also been anthologized multiple times. Professor Anderson and his books have appeared on Finnish National Television, and he has received nine study grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The grants have allowed him to study Slavic literature at Cornell, twelfth-century French literature at Mt. Holyoke, Commonwealth literature at Indiana University, the Mexican novel in Guadalajara, American humor at the University of New Mexico, Polynesian literature at the University of Hawaii, Islamic issues at Colorado College, and Appalachian literature at Ferrum College. He drinks Moxie and eats tripe, kidney, and heart. He has lived and taught in Nigeria, Truk Lagoon, and Turkey and has lived in France, Mexico, and England. He survived the Biafran genocide and has been threatened at gunpoint twice. He has raised his daughters alone and loves Flannery O’Connor, Faulkner, Melville, and hundreds of other authors.

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