Bad Karma

This debut novel follows the trials and tribulations of Kim Karlsen, a television personality whose career obsession brings her some serious cosmic repercussions. In her quest to dominate the airwaves, Kim cheats on her husband, neglects her daughter, and mistreats her staff. It all seems worth it when she wins the biggest German Television Award, but sadly on the very same night she is crushed to death by debris falling from a Russian space station....At the gates of Heaven, Kim is informed that she has collected too much bad karma in her life, and has a long road of atonement ahead. Reincarnation as an ant teaches her a few lessons in humility, ad she experiences life as a guinea pig and as a beagle before regaining human form just in time to sabotage the marriage of her husband to her back-stabbing best friend.

David Safier David Safier was born in 1966, and is one of Germany's most well-known and successful television scriptwriters. He has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Grimme-Award, the German Television Award, and an Emmy. He lives and works in Bremen, Germany, and this is his first novel.

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