In Pursuit of Health and Longevity

Wellness Pioneers through the Centures

This book is the first book to attempt to trace the history of health pioneers, both religious and secular, down through the centuries, and to introduce them to readers. It is indexed and designed to be a resource book for medical doctors, nurses, chaplains, pastors, counselors, nutritionists, physical therapists, body-buildings, editors, comedians, clowns and anyone wishing to live a healthier and longer life.

Samra pleads with religious organizations to pay more attention to the pollution of our air, water, and food supply, which is eroding the health of people and congregations. “While you are teaching people how to get to Heaven, how about teaching them healthy lifestyles to survive on this earth?” he asks.

 Several of the cartoons from The Joyful Noiseletter have been reprinted in this book.

Cal Samra

Cal Samra is the founding editor and publisher of The Joyful Noiseletter, a national newsletter which for 31 years has brought good humor and good cheer to churches and families.  He is a former newspaper reporter and columnist, the former lay executive director of a medical research foundation, and the author of a dozen books, including Holy Humor, More Holy Humor,Holy Hilarity, and More Holy Hilarity, which have sold over a million copies. An enthusiast for tennis and the Mediterranean diet that Jesus ate, he lives the message in his newest book,The Physically Fit Messiah.

Marketing & Publicity
  • The book is written by a devout Christian but with an ecumenical framework, also acknowledging all religions including agnostics.
  • This is a very serious book written with a light spirit with several cartoons, chapters on the importance of humor, and proof in the longevity of comedians.
  • Presents the consistency throughout history of what it takes to be healthy and live long.
  • An indexed book for health professionals, pastors, and anyone wishing to pursue a healthier and longer life with the wisdom of the ages.