Jonah and Me

There is an inherent desire in all of us to know that our lives really matter. We were created to flourish. Unfortunately, many of the models or aspirations of flourishing from our culture are limiting. This is because they are disconnected from God's original design for us. We flourish most when we find our lives in the overflow of what God is doing in this world.

God is a missionary God. Throughout the Scriptures, God again and again, invites his people to be on mission with him. The story of Jonah in the Hebrew scriptures is one of God's most graphic callings. It is a midcourse correction for the children of God. It is also an invitation to all of us to ask if we are on mission with God. 

After exploring the story of Jonah, Jonah and Me, will unfold a biblical theology of mission. Beginning in Genesis and moving through Revelation, using the larger themes of being chosen, called, and commissioned, we will see how God has been inviting his children to be on mission with him throughout the ages. Finally, the book will offer suggestions on how to discover, rediscover, or simply reenergize in your life mission. 

Rev. Dr. Chuck Davis Chuck Davis is the Senior Pastor of Stanwich Church. He served 7 years as Professor of Intercultural Studies at Alliance Theological Seminary. He earned his PhD in Sociology from Fordham University. Prior to his assignment as a professor he spent 10 years as a missionary in Mali, Africa. He has served actively in vocational ministry for over 25 years.

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