Wobar and the Quest for the Magic Calumet

A  fantasy-adventure story about a boy born with a mustache and an ability to talk with animals. Wobar’s adventures begin when he runs away from home after getting in trouble at his new school. Hiding out in a cave, he meets a cougar, Roxie, who becomes his best friend and constant companion.

Wobar encounters the ghost of a Revolutionary War soldier who was given – and had stolen from him – a calumet or Native American peace pipe. The pipe has the power to end all wars and until it is found and returned to the American president, the ghost must remain in limbo. Wobar and Roxie travel to New Orleans - by freight train, boat and cargo plane – where a gypsy fortune teller helps them with their quest.

Alternately scary and funny, each exciting chapter ends with a cliff-hanger.

Henry Homeyer of Cornish Flat, NH Henry Homeyer, aka The Gardening Guy,

Joshua Yunger Joshua Yunger is the illustrator of several books, including his forthcoming children's book Hippo and Monkey. He is a faculty member at Alliance for the Visual Art (AVA) Gallery and Art Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and a stay-at-home dad. In his spare time, he writes and records songs for his band The Ologists. He lives in South Strafford, VT with his wife Erin and their children George and Casey.

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