When Angels Speak

On The Power of the Blood of Jesus

Pastor Roland Buck was sound asleep when he felt two hands resting heavily on his shoulders. The grip on his shoulders was so tight that Buck couldn't even move. These two hands lifted him up and sat him on his bed. Then a silhouetted figure in front of him spoke. "Pastor, I have a message for you from the Father; a message that He will help you bring to the whole world!"

Timothy Holt Timothy Holt was just a baby when his Uncle Roland passed away, but he was deeply impacted by his uncle's life and ministry. With his family's blessing, he painstakingly transcribed all 76 revelatory sermons by his uncle, Roland Buck. Now, for the first time ever in print, we bring you the messages Buck preached-messages that were inspired by divine encounters and exhortations from angels, When Angels Speak, Roland Buck on Assignment. It is Timothy's earnest hope that his uncle's message will encourage you in your walk with Christ and challenge you to deepen your fellowship with God.

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