The Bible Can Be Proven

Unlocking Ancient Mysteries of a Divine Imprint

The Bible can be Proven is a culmination of nearly thirty years of research from the very best scholarly references that proves the Bible is not only historically reliable and trustworthy, but it is beyond mere humanity to compose, proving itself to be divinely inspired.

Readers will gain a sense of confidence in the Bible by learning the historical, mathematical and logic-driven evidence to support its authenticity.

The Bible Can Be Proven is a tremendous resource for believers and seekers alike, and will provide confidence for those who yearn to strengthen their faith and share it boldly with others. 

Vince Latorre of Syracuse, NY Vince Latorre's search to reconcile the Bible with science and history led to many hours in libraries and bookstores sifting through several hundred books and articles on science, textual criticism, and theology. Through his exhaustive research, the author came face to face with the powerful scientific evidence for creation as well as the evidence for the historical reliability of the Bible. Latorre is a professional accountant and Certified Lay Speaker in the United Methodist Church.

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