The Possession of Cassie Quinn

“I haven’t seen you around here before,” the boy said to me. “We just moved in.” “Oh, really? Where’d you move into?” “It’s out in the country,” I said, pointing in the direction I thought the house was. “Off the highway. A few miles back.” He looked where I was pointing to, and a strange expression came over his face. “Old white house, right by the woods?” I nodded. “That’s the old Donner place,” he said slowly. “What’s wrong with it?” I asked. “Nothing,” he replied, suddenly looking innocent. But I knew he was hiding something. And I was going to find out what. A long, dark driveway towards an old farmhouse. A new stepsister with a nasty streak. A little sister who runs off. Something sinister lurking in the woods. Cassie Quinn’s new home comes with . . . complications. Cassie never believed in ghosts before. But now she is receiving strange messages, telling her to stay out of the woods. Are the messages just a ploy by her stepsister? Or are they warning her of an evil that stalks the shadows of the woods beyond her home?

Kathryn Knutson of St. Cloud, MN Kathryn Knutson has been writing stories since she was five years old. She enjoys writing for children and young adults, and especially loves to write ghost stories. She lives in Central Minnesota with her two boys.

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