A Shadow at the Gate

Memoir of a DEA Agent
This is a book of adventure and travel. It is also a memoir, reflecting the author’s love for the people and the land, but do not expect a sentimental reflection of years gone by. These stories connect us all as human beings.Blcoh expresses his deep wonder as a child, frustration with his studies at the seminary, and his deep longing for freedom. Freedom he receives during his rollicking free life as a hobo, and he flies through graphic descriptions of piloting jet airplanes. Finally Blcoh reaches an honest insight into what it’s like to be a special agent/pilot for the Drug Enforcement Administration. Here is the first part of his story.

Don Bloch of Richmond, MN The twelfth of eighteen children, Don Bloch was born near Albany, Minnesota, in 1942, and raised on a dairy farm. He studied to be a priest, became a hobo, served as a pilot instructor for the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War, and finally made a career with the Drug Enforcement Administration. He is a retired special agent/ pilot for the DEA. Don and his wife live out in the Avon Hills of central Stearns County in Minnesota.

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