Are Those Your Underpants on the Conveyor?

hilarious tales of travelling abroad

Hilarious true tales from life on the road, in the air and down the back of the bus compiled by travel writer and travel professional Mark Sheehan.

A hilarious romp around the world of travel, with true tales from both the back seat of the bus and the tour guide’s microphone. Travel guru Mark Sheehan brings together stories from all around the world of tour organizers and travelers, from the prestige to the backpacker. Guaranteed to extract a laugh out loud from even the most cynical armchair traveler.


“Many of the kerbside observations I’ve jotted down in this book have made my eyes water with tears of laughter. Some have made me cringe and rub my forehead, my buttocks and other body parts out of empathy for the whack and  crash-landings taken by the other guy.“…Mark Sheehan

Mark Sheehan Mark Sheehan has made himself wealthy both in business and on the home front by following his instincts. He's helped to pioneer and champion corporate brands, entire countries and charities, making marriages in the business community which survive long after he's left the building.He's helped to launch an international airline with Richard Branson, taken a company through the prickly obstacle course of an IPO and succeeded repeatedly at other campaigns that 'insiders' insisted could never be

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