Could I Vote DA?

A Voter's Dilemma

Helen Zille said of Eusebius McKaiser: 'Don't give him oxygen. He wants a controversy. Narcissism in extremis. Attention seeking.' (Twitter, September 2013) McKaiser says of Zille: 'I think Helen Zille is a good leader.' ... but he also says: 'She is the wrong person to have a crack at leading the party to a victory against the ANC beyond 2014'.

Trying to decide who to vote for in South Africa can be extremely difficult. A black and white issue for some, but shaded with grey for many. Much has been written about the ANC, their past, their future, their strengths and their shortcomings, but what about the official opposition? Could the DA be a political home for you?

Eusebius McKaiser explores this question from a variety of angles -- what do the DA get right? What do they get wrong? Is black discomfort with the DA a matter of policy or maybe a question of tone? Do the DA really 'get' what worries their critics? Read Could I Vote DA? and make up your own mind.

Eusebius McKaiser

Eusebius McKaiser is a political analyst, broadcaster, public speaker and lecturer. He studied law and philosophy, and is a former South African and World Masters Debate Champion. McKaiser is the author of A Bantu In My Bathroom and Could I Vote DA? A Voter’s Dilemma.

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