Sailor Man

The Troubled Life and Times of J.P. Nunnally, U.S. Navy

SAILOR MAN is an examination of the combat service of James Preston Nunnally, an underage enlistee aboard the USS Fuller in the Pacific Theater during WWII. Popularly known as the "Queen of Attack Transports," the Fuller received a wartime high nine battle stars for participation in that number of invasions. Nunnally was a crew member for seven of thoseĀ  actions (Bougainville, Saipan, Tinian, Peleliu, the Philipinnes-twice, and Okinawa). It is primarily based on letters Nunnally wrote to his son four decades after the events occurred in an attempt to explain why he had abandoned his son and digressed into a life of alcoholism. In addition to Nunnally's letters, other documents are used, such as a semi-official accounts of the Fuller's actions written in 1945, and interviews with Nunnally's son and sister.

Del Staecker

Del Staecker is an accomplished, award-winning author of several military history books. His awards include: Military Writers Society of America 2013 Finalist, Author of the Year; 2012 U.S. Navy Writer on Deck; 2010 Silver Medal for Mystery/Thriller, MWSA; 2009 Gold Medal for Nonfiction, Branson Stars and Flags; and the 2009 Silver Medal for Memoir, MWSA. He currently lives in Lancaster, PA.

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