A 21st Century Look at a 400 Million Year Old Organ


Wallace and Darwin the Museum Mice are back and ready to take the young reader on this remarkable journey into the Brain! In good order and with contagious curiosity they explore big brains and little brains, heavy brains and light brains, cortexes, synapses, nervous systems, motor systems and sensory systems, and how the whole picture fits together and why you are born with 100 billion neurons – that’s 100,000,000, of them all inside you.

Brain simplifies and explains major concepts that will help young readers understand the complex makeup and function of the brain. Complicated topics like the structure of neural cells, the function of synapses, and the chemical nature of how nerves work are broken down in easy-to-read sections, helped along with witty commentary from its duo of rodent co-stars. This lavishly illustrated book takes readers on a guided tour of science’s most important organ, demystifying the processes of sleep, vision, and memory, among others.

Patricia Wynne Patricia J. Wynne is an award winning artist who lives with her husband, artist Donald Silver, in New York City. She works at the American Museum of Natural History and teaches numerous courses when she is not illustrating books. Her books are frequently on Book of the Year Lists in Newsweek, Smithsonian Magazine, Scientific American, Parade, New York Times Book Review and others.

Rob DeSalle Robert DeSalle is a Curator in the Sackler Institute for Comparative Genomics at the American Museum of Natural History. He lives in New York in Alphabet City.

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