A Young Man's Guide To Getting Some

A Young Man’s Guide to Getting Some is a MANifesto for millennials. Not another book about just getting laid, this is about making the best of what you have, catching her eye and escaping the friend zone. Finding romance has never been easy - even tougher in the age of sexting and swiping.

This instructional guidebook for young men is all about treating women honorably, being a gentleman, caring, having fun and creating chemistry. And then getting laid.

Malcolm Chenu

Malcolm Chenu is a freelance writer and copywriter.   He contributes regularly to various magazines.

A Young Man's Guide to Getting Some is Malcolm's first book.  It was inspired by the sheer incompetence of the suitors of his step-daughter and her friends as well as the desire to provide his young son with advice about how to behave honourably towards women.  Malcolm was single unti he was nearly 40 and the book is also based on the wisdom he gained from his years of (mostly unsuccessful) dating.  

Malcolm lives in Sydney with his wife Angie, the perfect Some he finally got.

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