Popular Astronomy

In this special edition of Popular Astronomy:

·         Dava Sobel’s original new essay inspired by her best-selling book “The Glass Universe”

·         Dr. Michael Summers on exoplanets and “Diamond Worlds”

·         Dr. Jeffrey Bennett brings a cosmic perspective to the study of exoplanets

·         Best-selling author John Read delivers the perfect orientation to telescope selection—and astrophotography

·         Geoff Cottrell gives us a tour of the next big telescopes

·         Martin Griffiths takes us deep inside the nebulae

·         The legendary Wil Tirion guides us through the history of celestial cartography

·         Peter Pesic provides a fascinating historical perspective on music and the making of modern science

·         Astrophysicist Neil Comins brings the concept—and experience—of space tourism into focus

·         John Fossett shows us how to create an astronomy club through your local library

·         Jeff Bennett returns with an in-depth review of Eclipse 2017

·         John Schroeter on the history of radio telescopes and the detection of mysterious fast radio bursts

·         George Musser’s “Einstein’s Castle in the Air” questions the essence of space and time

·         A special Popular Astronomy eBook recounting the history of Mars exploration

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  • The return of the iconic Popular Astronomy magazine