Mediterranean Lifestyle Cooking

Beautiful recipes from breakfast through to dinner, with healthy snacks, sweet treats that all the family can enjoy and benefit from. The Mediterranean plate is not only about the food but also about the lifestyle. The importance of this lifestyle is evident in the research into the longevity of the people who live in the Mediterranean and around the Aagen Sea. The enjoyment of a Mediterranean diet enriched by olive oil seems to be the key. It has often been referred to as the healthiest way to eat. It is rich in excellent olive oil, the best yogurt, whole grains, fish and seafood, sun-kissed seasonal fruit and vegetables, wild greens and bean dishes every meal, and fruit always following the main, small portions of meat and cheeses. Always with olive oil. Mary Valle takes you on a journey through the Mediterranean with an introduction into the use of olive oil and essential pantry items. Mary’s style of cooking is seasonal, simple, healthy and delicious.

Mary Valle

Mary Valle’s love for Mediterranean food cooked by her parents inspired her to write down the memories and recipes to share with her own family. Mary’s passion for the food of her childhood is in every one of these classic recipes, handed down through generations and enlivened by her own modern twists. Mary often spends time in her family’s home village in Greece, where she learns new techniques and recipes to add to her kitchen.

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  • Good use of olive oil and easy to acquire ingredients
  • Mediterranean cooking remains forever popular
  • Focus on a good diet for a longer life
  • Traditional and modern recipes