Killer Girlfriend

The Jodi Arias Story

On January 2, 2013, the murder trial of Jodi Arias began, setting off a national obsession with Jodi's story of sex, lies, and murder. Jodi Arias became a household name overnight when she was charged with the heinous murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Travis was found dead in his shower, with approximately thirty stab wounds, his throat slit, and a bullet hole in his forehead.  From nightly news specials covering every moment of the trial to CNN Headline News featuring daily updates on the case, the media circus only fueled the hunger of the public to learn more about this twisted tale. Associated Press reporters Brian Skoloff and Josh Hoffner were there covering every moment of the court case. Killer Girlfriend provides the first comprehensive account of the case, from the moment Jodi and Travis met, through the killing, her arrest, the four-month trial, and ending, finally, with the verdict.

Josh Hoffner Josh Hoffner has been a journalist for The Associated Press for 15 years, serving as the lead editor on dozens of major stories all around the country. He worked on the national editing desk at AP headquarters in New York for five years and later served as the city editor for the New York bureau. Hoffner grew up in the Dakotas and graduated from South Dakota State with a journalism degree in 1998.

Brian Skoloff Brian Skoloff is an award-winning veteran Associated Press reporter with extensive experience covering some of the nation's most newsworthy stories over the past decade, including the 9/11 terror attacks, he covered the Scott Peterson murder trial, the Fort Hood shootings and the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Skoloff has covered the Jodi Arias murder trial's nearly every twist and turn, and brings his wealth of experience covering the criminal justice system to this gripping tale of love, lust and death.

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