Unlikely Pilgrim

A Journey into History and Faith

Two middle-aged men, fast friends, make eleven foreign trips—pilgrimages you might call them —to parts of the world rich in the history of Christianity. The trips combine adventure, strenuous physical activity, exhilaration, discovery, and friendship. Three of the journeys were to Western Europe; six were to Eastern Europe and the Balkans and two to the Middle East. The trips were spontaneous and unplanned, often requiring improvisation along the way. Told in a lighthearted and often amusing style, An Unlikely Pilgrim provides a vivid and colorful picture of parts of the world often out of the range of American tourists, but deep in both ancient and current geopolitical, historical, and cultural wealth.

Alfred Regnery of Washington, VA

Alfred Regnery is a publisher and a lawyer with a half-century career in business, politics, the law and journalism.  He has practiced law in the Midwest and in Washington, DC, was Counsel to a Senate Committee, a senior official in the US Department of Justice, President of his family’s book publishing business and publisher of a national magazine.  He has written three books and hundreds of articles, and has served, and continues to serve, on many boards of directors. He lives on a farm in rural Virginia, and maintains an office in Washington where he remains engaged in national politics.

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