The More Things Change

Everyone thought the Second World War ended April 30th, 1945 with Hitler’s death.
In 2013, Ethan Tennant, a Paramedic for the City of Ottawa, discovers more than a body on Parliament Hill.  He unwittingly unleashes a secret that began almost seventy years ago and still hasn’t been revealed.  Some people want to keep what  he found a secret, others want the world to know.  Certain secrets are never meant to be known.
Hitlers dream may not have died with him.

Perry Prete of Brockville, ON

Perry Prete is a native of Sudbury, Ontario, but grew up in London, Ontario. After graduating as a paramedic in 1983 from the Ambulance and Emergency Care Program at Fanshawe College, Perry worked part—time for various EMS agencies before settling in Brockville, Ontario. He continues to work as a full—time paramedic and is also the owner of Sands Canada Inc.. Using the vast amount of knowledge that he has gained over his thirty years working as a paramedic, Perry crafts gripping and suspenseful novels full of realistic details.

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