One sudden and violent incident triggers an awakening. A mind that has been shrouded for years by Alzheimer’s disease becomes lucid for a few precious moments -- just long enough to open the doors to a secret that has been buried for over thirty years. Dennis Chambers, Chief of Detectives for the city of Washington, D.C., can’t forget the words that were uttered. He is obsessed with trying to unlock his mother’s mind at least one more time. For just a few more words. As he doggedly pursues the elusive and horrifying secret, deadly forces are at work determined to keep it buried forever.

Peter Parkin of Calgary, AB

Peter Parkin was born in Toronto, Ontario. After a thirty-four year career in the business world, Peter turned to writing. He has written six novels, the last four co-authored with Alison Darby (Serpentine). Peter lives near Calgary, Alberta and the Rocky Mountains.

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