The Scrapbook Quests

The Scrapbook Quests is a collection of stories involving a pair of young children seeking adventure and missing treasures . Friends and family help them as they explore mysterious surroundings, unraveling strange, local historical stories and legends with the help of a local museum curator, and their Grandmother - the person who introduces them to their adventures with the help of an old scrapbook she has kept over many years.
The Scrapbook Quests is an action-packed thrill ride with ghosts, ancient mysteries, and lost treasure.

Dennis Stein of Brockville, ON

Dennis Stein lives in Brockville, Ontario, not far from the scenic Thousand Islands. The Gecko's Gate is his fourth title, and one that he has been working on periodically for over nine years. Stein enjoys writing in a wide variety of genres, and regularly writes historical and human interest articles for several local publications. Most of his writing is done on an old Apple iPod Touch, which he carries with him wherever he goes.

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