Close Enough

The Jack Sampson Mysteries

Imminent danger is in the air once again as Jack Sampson finishes his first year of college. Now, with summer upon him, his hometown of Stanton wants to throw a big get together for his high school graduating class. A simple request is made for Jack to go to North Chicago to pick up his girlfriend Alyssa and their friend - Emily. There, Jack is briefly re-acquainted with an old friend before the three of them head back to Stanton. But, a mysterious murder leaves everyone shocked and scared with an unknown killer at large. No one knows who could have pulled the trigger. Instead of running back home, Jack feels compelled to stay to find out who killed his friend - or if only the surface of the case has been touched.

Henry Cline

Henry Cline has written three novels, the stand alone mystery, The Platinum Briefcase, and two Young Adult books in The Jack Sampson Mysteries: Too Close for Comfort and Close Enough.

He enjoys playing guitar and writes continuously in various genres.   

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