The Pyrenean Haute Route

A guidebook for trekking the Pyrenean Haute Route, which zig-zags across the Franco-Spanish border and stays close to the main ridge in the highest and most spectacular central Pyrenees. It covers 800km with a total of 40km ascent, so is only suitable for experienced mountain walkers. The route is split over 45 stages and is largely unwaymarked.  This third edition updates 9781852845551 from 2009

Tom Martens

Tom Martens grew up in Belgium and first visited the Pyrenees in 2008 with a friend who had made him enthusiast about the mountain chain. This first exploration was so enchanting that he has been back every year since then. He has hiked extensively in the national parks and has traversed the whole length of the Pyrenees several times. He has guided groups of youngsters on long, intensive hikes and climbed many of the peaks in the Pyrenees. So far, he has spent 300 nights in the Pyrenees, mostly bivouacking. He has a special interest in mountain wildlife. Other regions where you can often find him hiking include Scotland and Estonia, where he currently lives.

Marketing & Publicity
  • 800km of spectacular and challenging trekking through the highest and best of the Pyrenees
  • Identifies accommodation and all-important issues for the trekker.
  • New third edition